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Penetration Load Measuring
100% in-line of cannulae and IV-catheters

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Technical Performance:

  • cycle time about 2 seconds
  • high sensitive load measuring
  • testing head with foil fixation
  • tension controlled foil handling
  • foil transferring unit
  • tension controlled foil guiding
  • stroke unit
  • PL Controller
  • measuring and evaluating

Testing Method:

The quality of cannula tips is evaluated regarding the penetration load when piercing the special foil and classified according to a desirable good/bad load threshold.

figures: penetration load diagrammes

Testing properties for cannulae:

  • hooks
  • burrs
  • blundness (dullness)

Additional properties for catheters:

  • resistance of the catheter tip
  • distance (gap) heel to catheter tip

PL Controller and Electronics:

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PL Controller with
Operation Panel
and LC-Display showing

  • operation mode
  • state of process
  • good/bad threshold
  • testing value and
    result (classification)
  • error and warning

Software to control
the whole testing
procedure and monitor
function relevant


  • measuring electronics
  • foil tension controller
  • power supply unit and controller
    for stroke drive


  • serial interface
  • software to transfer measuring data
    via serial interface to a PC for
    further processing
  • output of statistical characteristics

Constant Parameters:

The testing speed as well as the foil tension are controlled to ensure constant testing parameters. Thus the high sensible load measuring system together with the controlled testing parameters provide objective and reproducible testing results.

Autonomous Testing:

The penetration load testing station is layed out as an autonomous station e.g. controlling the whole testing procedure and monitoring procedure. Thus the unit is ready to be inserted to any assembly line. Only a start signal is needed to initialize the testing procedure and the result is handed over to the master PLC as well as the ready signal indicating that the station is waiting for the next start.

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